Accessibility Statement

At King of Hearts, we are dedicated to ensuring our website is accessible by everyone. Our site has been carefully designed so that it offers the best possible experience on all types of web browsing software.

Not all users have a graphical browser using a conventional pointing device, so this site has been designed to be accessible to users by keyboard access, but will generally work with other input devices too.

To help such users move around the site more easily, there are some keyboard shortcuts below which will allow easy navigation to the most popular pages.

In Internet Explorer, press Alt and the corresponding key for a shortcut and in Firefox, press Alt+Shift and the corresponding key for a shortcut.

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Although many browsers allow users to change the size of the text on a web page, our site offers built-in controls for this in addition to the browser settings. At the top of every page are links to increase the font-size across the whole site.